Mycosis Fungoides since 1978 – 13th July 2016

DSC_4180aHaving a cancer diagnose has an influence on many things….. for the rest of one’s life…

I do also have arthrits (leddegigt) and right now the meds do not work. My doc talked about biological meds (biologisk medicin), but when I read about it, I realised that is not an option BECAUSE I have the cancer diagnose.

I spoke to a nurse about it, and told her my diagnose is Mycosis Fungoides, if she knew it? NO she had never heard about it. Good – I bring some information. – I read on the internet ( that apx. 10 new cases appear in Denmark a year, and it usually hits men around the age of 60 – I was 21 – and definately not a man…. – I continued reading, and then I learned that the type of bio meds, they would give me, when I have a cancer diagnose, I cannot get either, as I have a weak immune system…..

Now I wait for for reumatologist to return from his holidays 2nd August, so a plan can be made for me – as of now, my arthritis is action up, and all I can is sit on the couch or lay in my bed.

Lucky for me I have the bestest of husbands 😉 and he supports me in my decission to wait for my own doc to return. I have the bestest of friends – and some of them were just her for a visit the the most beautiful buquet of flowers (the kind I tolerate).

I make the best of the situation, and relax and enjoy my time – what else can I do? Crying doesn’t help – have tried…

So take care of yourself – and enjoy your lifes – and remember to tell the people you love that you love them.